New Pill packaging prototype Notion newsletter about the latest iteration Jul 7, 2020
New Pill packaging prototype Jul 7, 2020 Notion newsletter about the latest iteration Pill detection May 10, 2020 I made a pill detector based on MaskRCNN. The code is hosted on google colab. I manually collected a dataset of about 60 pills using Labelbox CLI Tool for bldc motor Dec 17, 2019 I wrote a simple command line to interface over RS485 to the motor controller. It launches an interactive console that can set position in radians, Unity Simulator for Tonal Dec 8, 2019 I made a simple Unity simulation of Tonal’s home workout machine. This project helped me learn more about Unity and communicating between Unity and Motor controller design Aug 28, 2019 I designed and tested a bldc motor controller pcb. I used the STM32F4 as the arm cpu, TI DRV8323 as the gate driver and used the AS5047 position BLDC Notes/Cheat Sheet Jan 3, 2019 Misc. notes on brushless motor controllers Magnetic Force - Unlike poles attract and Like poles repel Left Hand Rule - F = Designing custom motor controllers Oct 3, 2018 I had a great conversation today about motor controllers at AllMotion about how they design motor controllers. They use Allegro chips (A3930 and Autonomous robots Jun 3, 2017 The VLP-16 lidar consumes around 8 watts and gives pretty good pointclouds. So I decided to mount it on a small platform which could eventually be Biohack CSULA Hackathon Jan 1, 2017 www.calstatela.edu/univ/ppa/publicat/students-create-innovative-prototypes-cal-state-la-biohack https://github.com/Shakira4242/BioHacks/ PTHack