Biohack CSULA Hackathon



PTHack (Physical therapy hack) won! We had great burritos after too!

We worked on a solution that allowed physical rehab patients adhere to exercises.

We used javascript library called Johnny-Five to interface with 3 imus.

We instantiated the BNO055 in javascript code. The BNO055 spits out quaternions. So no need for sensor fusion.

var imu = new five.IMU({
  controller: "BNO055"

imu.orientation.on("change",function() {
      console.log("  w            : ", this.quarternion.w);
      console.log("  x            : ", this.quarternion.x);
      console.log("  y            : ", this.quarternion.y);
      console.log("  z            : ", this.quarternion.z);

We were able to compare our baseline data with new exercise data and give a score on how similar two movements were.

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